Komoto Healthcare is a group of specialty healthcare companies driven by a unified focus: to provide high quality and personalized care for its patients. We aim to improve the health of the patients we care for, all the while providing value. With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, we realize the importance of being at the forefront of the industry. Given this environment we consistently strive to innovate new solutions in order to deliver the best care for our patients.


We are dedicated to your good health and offer a wide range of value-driven services across our group of specialty healthcare companies. Komoto Healthcare first started as a community pharmacy in Delano, California. As demand for more specialized services increased, Komoto Healthcare expanded to provide solutions to address these specific needs. We now offer specialized drug formulations, specialty packaging, home infusion therapy, disease management and treatment adherence services.



Komoto Healthcare
2110 Truxtun Avenue, Suite 500
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