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Compounding Pharmacy

At Komoto Custom Care Pharmacy, we understand that some patients have unique needs for medications that are not commercially available.  KCCP is dedicated to the art and science of compounding customized formulations to meet these needs. 

Patient safety is our top priority.  We have been recognized as a Center of Excellence for quality control standards by DYNALABS.



Veterinary Compounding

We compound medications that can be used in hospitals or veterinarian offices including antibiotics, antifungals, pain medications, cancer treatments and many more. We can accommodate to almost any animal regardless of size.

Hospice Care Compounding

We understand that at the end of life, the experience is different for each patient.  We take into account these special needs which may change throughout the various stages of end of life and work directly with licensed hospice organizations and providers to provide custom medications to serve these needs.  

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The needs for hormone replacement may be unique to each patient.  We can compound customized dosage forms and strengths to meet these needs.

Surgery Centers

We serve surgery centers in two main capacities: preservative free Injectables and to alleviate discontinued medications or market shortage issues.

Other Customized Medications

We can provide compounded drugs to address issues like discontinued medications, need for customized dosage forms or need for customized medication strengths.


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