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August 7, 2014

Response to recent news regarding Komoto Custom Care Pharmacy:

We are in dispute of all the accusations by the Board of Pharmacy and are waiting for a hearing date.

We at Komoto Custom Care Pharmacy want to provide you a follow up to the recently posted allegations by the California State Board of Pharmacy regarding an on-site inspection conducted in July 2010. We assure you that we responded swiftly and decisively to each deficiency stated in this posting as soon as it was brought to our attention back in 2010. KCCP followed up our action by immediately submitting a 15 point detailed plan of correction that was accepted by the Board of Pharmacy in 2010. Since that time KCCP has undergone four inspections by the California Board of Pharmacy during which no major infractions were cited.

To ensure the highest quality in our products, KCCP purchases all of our source chemicals from FDA-approved distributors. We test all of our sterile products using a Microbial Contamination Tester which detects bacteria, yeast, and fungus. In addition to our in-house testing, we submit random samples from batch produced products to an independent testing facility which also tests for endotoxins, pyrogens, sterility and potency. We tests our employees semi-annually for sterile technique and competency. Also, in lieu of specific FDA guidelines, we follow USP 797 standards and California Board of Pharmacy Laws and Regulations for sterile compounding. Lastly, our operating policies and procedure facilitates our adherence to the most stringent standards of quality and safety for sterile and non sterile compounding.

At Komoto Custom Care Pharmacy, patient safety is our top priority. As such Komoto Custom Care Pharmacy strives to produce products of the highest level of quality and safety. We maintain current licensure by the California State Board of Pharmacy as a sterile compounder.

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